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Are you captivated by everything K-pop? Do you have a passion for video creation? If you’re nodding “yes,” then our iPurple contest is tailor-made for you!

Dive deep into the K-Pop universe, showcase your passion, and blend it seamlessly with the iPurple spirit. Exciting prizes await, including a whopping 300€ iPurple voucher.

Grand Prize: 300€ per winner + the opportunity to become iPurple brand ambassador

Get ready to unveil your talents and win big! The Content Creator Contest is your stage to spotlight your abilities and rise to the challenge. The winner(s) will win an amazing voucher of 300€ redeemable for anything in the iPurple catalogue!

And there's more! The winner(s) will also be given an exclusive opportunity to become iPurple's brand ambassador.

The competition dates have been extended to 31/12/2023.
Make sure you submit your entry within this timeframe.

To Participate


Create the video that will make you win (check the requirements and evaluation criteria below).


Post the video on your preferred social media. To qualify, make sure to use the hashtag #iPurpleContest, and tag our account @ipurple.eu for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or @ipurple_eu for Twitter.


Share your creation widely by getting your video out there within your community (team up with fellow creators, rally your friends, and more), and remember: genuine love and connection matter.


Win and earn recognition, rewards, and exclusive opportunities with iPurple.

Could You Be the Chosen One?


Hold your breath; we might crown more than one winner!

The amount of winners will be chosen at our own discretion, depending on the participation volume, video quality, languages used and social platforms diversity. Depending on the variety and quality of the videos posted, we may seek community input, like organizing polls or gathering external votes, to help guide our choices.

Video requirements

Let your creativity run wild! Whether it's an album review, live streams, captivating montages, hilarious memes, instructive tutorials, energetic dance routines, or anything else you dream up, we're all ears and eyes!

Your submission should:

● Ensure that you are visible in the video - seeing your face is a plus;

● Be presented in any European language, including English. All languages are equally valued and appreciated;

● Adhere to the standards of the specific social media platform you've chosen;

● Promote or feature the iPurple brand essence in some unique way.

Evaluation criteria

Entries will be judged based on:

ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY: Unique content is key! Avoid generic unboxing themes. Ensure content is authentic and captivating.

RELEVANCE: Your video should revolve around K-Pop and iPurple. Stay updated with current trends to increase your chances of going viral.

DESIGN and TECHNICAL EXECUTION: Conform to the chosen platform’s standards. This includes size, layout, and design.

• ON-SCREEN PRESENCE: Make sure you're engaging and impactful in the video, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

ENGAGEMENT: Magnetize your tribe! and engage your audience! Likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement will be critical factors.

Beware! Any shade of plagiarism, hate, or disdain will see an entry's exit.

What it means to become iPurple brand ambassador

ipurple logo panda head

The winners will get the opportunity to work with iPurple on a regular basis for producing videos.

Whether you’re an established K-Pop content creator or just starting, we will work hand-in-hand with you, forging ongoing partnerships and collaborations to grow our respective community.

As an iPurple brand ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to explore a range of exclusive benefits. These may include, but are not limited to:

● Complimentary albums for your promotional efforts

● Exclusive discounts on our product offerings

● Special access to K-Pop events, including local concerts and more, to proudly represent and promote iPurple

Our partnership is dynamic, and as it evolves, we'll discuss and tailor benefits to align with your preferences and the growth of our collaboration. 

Ready to shine? Grab your camera, embrace the K-pop beat, and become a part of the iPurple story!

▶ Find detailed contest rules and policies in our Content Creator Contest Policy here.

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