Julie et Angela

Hello !

I am Julie, almost 17 years old, Belgian, and I would like to introduce you to this wonderful project that my mother and I created: iPurple.

It was in June 2018 that I was introduced to Kpop, thanks to BTS. From that moment on, I fell into this endless spiral of idols, drama and Korean culture. I got to know dozens and dozens of other groups (although I remain a gigantic ARMY) and I started to learn the choreographies of each new comeback. Every day I was discovering more and more about this culture that I had become so fond of.

Finally it became my passion! And I was very lucky because I was able to share this passion with my mother, Angela, who very quickly became interested in why her daughter was laughing at very random moments. She now comes with me to each concert to catch a glimpse of our favourite idols.

We came up with the amazing idea of iPurple in a Paris metro station. You see, in Belgium the number of Kpop events, products and services is unfortunately extremely limited and as big Belgian fans we were disappointed. So we thought: 'Why not take care of it ourselves' and that's how iPurple was created.

We are now almost 1 year later and after 2 to 3 events and a few sacrifices, we are finally officially launched! We hope to be able to organise many events so that we can share our and your passion. We hope that you will finally find this Kpop item that you have been looking for so long but which is too expensive because of the shipping costs. We hope you will also like our Kbeauty products. But, above all, I hope that you will be as proud of us and of this project as I am proud of my mother for having accomplished all this. Let this wonderful adventure begin!

Fighting !



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