Oil Cleansing

With an oil-based cleanser, you can cleanse your skin of makeup, dirt and oil all at once. Oil-based cleansers contain ingredients that not only cleanse the skin's surface, but also instantly moisturize it. Because oil cleansers are easy to rinse off with warm water, they are the ideal way to remove makeup and SPF products from your skin.

Use a cleanser such as Banila Co's Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm and use your fingers in gentle, circular motions to cleanse and massage foundation and BB cream. According to the Koreans, facial massage increases circulation, resulting in more luminous skin.


Water-based Cleanser

As a golden rule, if you spend 30 minutes applying makeup, you should devote the same amount of time and attention to cleansing your face. A water-based cleanser or gel cleanser cleanses your skin even more thoroughly from impurities such as makeup and dirt. In addition, the skin is re-hydrated, cared for and re-balanced.

Place the cleanser on your fingers and gently massage it into the damp skin. Then rinse the foam off with warm water and dry your face with a dry, soft towel.


The Exfoliator

When you notice that the skin begins to show dry spots, is rough and needs care, it is a good idea to do a peel or scrub. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells, but also helps to treat pimples, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is a little more intensive, so it is not recommended if you have sensitive skin. It is not advisable to perform this step every day. Twice a month is sufficient, just concentrate on the areas where blackheads are more frequent or on the T-zone. When it comes to facial exfoliation, Korean women often think that less is more.

Apply the desired amount to the skin. Massage with circular motions. Pay attention to the eyes and mouth. Finally, rinse with warm water.


The Toner or Mist

A tonic or mist is ideal for giving the skin an extra boost of moisture. It helps to remove possible residues of cleaning products and pollutants, and restore the skin's pH balance. The product smoothes and prepares your skin to absorb the next step, the essence.

Apply a generous amount of tonic on a cotton pad and wipe it over the skin to remove any impurities. Pat the product onto the skin for better absorption.

Spray the mist from a distance of about 20 cm from the face and keep your eyes closed. Gently pat the mist into the skin until it is completely absorbed.


The Essence

Considered the most essential step for Korean women, yet still a mystery to many. With an essence, you give the skin a boost of moisture. In addition, many essences have minerals and antioxidants that take care of your skin.

Apply the desired amount to cleansed skin. Work the product into the skin until it is completely absorbed.


The Ampoule

Ampoules, also known as serums or boosters, are super-concentrated versions of essences that help fill in moisture deficits, capture free radicals, renew cells and give the skin extra oxygen. Since an ampoule is more powerful than a regular serum, it should not be used too often, i.e. every two or three days.

Apply the desired amount to the skin and pat until the product has fully penetrated the skin.


The Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a ritual that takes place more or less twice a week. The secret of sheet masks is that they force your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture better than if you were just applying a cream or serum. After just one use, your face is much brighter thanks to all the moisture.

Remove the sheet mask from the bag and open it carefully. Place the mask on your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask and pat the rest of the serum off with your fingertips until it is completely absorbed.


The Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is often thin and sensitive and therefore requires special care. It contains fewer marker glands, resulting in more dry skin and makes it more fragile. It is therefore crucial to take care of this skin on a daily basis to relax and care for it.

Gently apply the eye cream to the eye contour area. This allows better absorption of the product and, of course, eliminates tightness.


The Moisturizer

Hydration is essential in your skin care routine! Keep your skin moisturized so that it feels beautifully cared for and soft. You can do this by using a facial cream, oil, gel or emulsion. Dry skin can be treated with a facial oil. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using a facial gel. These are free from oily ingredients and therefore moisturise sensitive skin. Facial creams are perfect for natural skin.

Massage the moisturising cream generously with light movements so that it penetrates the skin perfectly and becomes satin-smooth.


Sun Protection / Night Cream

You finally arrived at the last step! This step depends of the time of the day in which you follow this routine. Are you doing it in the morning? End it with sunscreen. It is not only in the summer that it is important to protect your skin against the sun, but it is necessary to use the right sun protection throughout the year. Sunscreen is an effective way to prevent skin aging (and skin cancer). It protects your skin against the harmful rays of the sun, prevents you from burning and hydrates your skin.

Are you taking care of your skin in the evening? Don’t forget the night cream. The point is, your skin needs to stay hydrated as you recharge overnight. It’s simply an extra layer of moisture, but often sleeping masks are designed to work while your body is at rest.

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