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At iPurple, we give products a second chance when customers return them, or when they were damaged upon receival from our suppliers.

What does "ImPurple Product" mean? 

With an ImPurple product, we mean that the product is no longer in perfect condition. Instead of throwing these imperfect products away, we will still offer them on our website through the ImPurple Market. This, to reduce waste, first of all. Additionally, it also offers the opportunity for fans to receive a product at a cheaper price should they be fine with imperfect versions.


On the product page, we clearly show and explain why the product is an ImPurple Market product.


How does a product become “ImPurple”?

When products are damaged upon arrival, or are returned by other customers - they are no longer in perfect condition to sell. However, even if not perfect, these products are still perfectly usable and usually only have minor damages on the outside


Of course, we do a quality check of the product first. Only products that are in a good, usable condition, get a second chance. The quality check includes:

• Checking scratches
• Checking damages on the outside box
• If possible, (unsealed products, magazines, …) we will also check the inside of the product & its inclusions


How do I know whether a product is an ImPurple product? 

You can recognise ImPurple products by the "[IMPURPLE]" mentioned before the product title. You buy ImPurple products at a discounted price. The discount depends on the state of the product. You can find the state and pictures of the damage on the product page.


What types of  ImPurple products are there?

We categorize in 3 damage states:

Very lightly damaged

This includes scratches, slightly bruised corners etc.

Slight damage

The damage is more severe on the outside e.g. a cracked corner. The inside of the product is still perfect.


The packaging of the product is severely damaged. The product itself might be slightly damaged because of this.


Are ImPurple market products still sealed?

Most ImPurple products will still be sealed. It is possible products are no longer sealed if the damage ruined the seal. In this case, it is clearly mentioned on the product page, and can be seen in the pictures.

For unsealed products, we check that all items are included. If something is missing or damaged, it is clearly stated on the product page.

For example, in the ImPurple market, you could have an unsealed album in perfect condition but unsealed. You can then benefit from the discounted price.


Terms & Conditions of ImPurple Market

Generally, the same terms & conditions apply to our ImPurple Market assortment as our regular assortment. 

However, we do not accept returns on any ImPurple Market products. Please make sure you check the damages beforehand & reach out should you have any further doubt or question before ordering the product.


Can the price of ImPurple products be negotiated?

No. The pricing of ImPurple Market products is set beforehand. The price you see on the website, is the final price.

Sold Out
  • -10%


Regular price €18.00 -10% Price €16.20
Sold Out
  • -10%


Regular price €31.00 -10% Price €27.90
  • -20%


Regular price €35.00 -20% Price €28.00
Sold Out
  • -20%

[IMPURPLE] TXT - 2023 Deco Kit

Regular price €50.00 -20% Price €40.00
BTS - BE (Deluxe Edition)
  • -10%

[IMPURPLE] BTS - BE (Deluxe...

Regular price €52.00 -10% Price €46.80
Sold Out
  • -30%

[IMPURPLE] NMIXX - Expérgo...

Regular price €31.50 -30% Price €22.05
ROSE - R Sold Out
  • -10%


Regular price €27.50 -10% Price €24.75
ENHYPEN - Dimension : Dilemma + Poster
  • -20%


Regular price €29.50 -20% Price €23.60
STRAY KIDS - Cosmopolitan [01/2023] + Postcard Sold Out
  • -20%


Regular price €32.00 -20% Price €25.60
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